Steelhead Metal Corp.
                                Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication, Specializing in Stainless Steel
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     SMC is a full service sheet metal job shop serving customers in a wide range of industries. Our skilled craftsmen provide precision fabrication and installation of custom metal products. We continually upgrade our facility with state of the art technology and equipment including Laser cutting, High-speed rotary punches, computer numeric controlled (CNC) machines, and CAD/CAM software. Our entire operation is designed to ensure that we are flexible, available, dependable and easy to work with. You can be assured that we'll work hard to get you what you need.       
• Powder Coat Painting
• Laser cutting (4,000 Watts): ¾" Steel, ½" Stainless steel,
¼" Aluminum
• CNC Punching
• Shearing
• WaterJet cutting 
• Bending
• Forming
• Rolling
• Welding; Tig, Mig, Wire feed
• Graining
• Sawing
• Inserts
• Milling
• Drilling
• Deburring 
Industries served:
• Light  industry

• Locomotive
• Semiconductor
• Precision sheet metal
• Construction
• Display
• Computer


    Fabricated parts include:  Metal housings and fixtures, computer housings, stainless steel assembly boards, grocery check-stand assemblies, 304-L wet-bench shells, tanks, locomotive parts, Vent covers, communication hardware and wiring organizer racks, ornamental fencing, aluminum safety railing, grip-strut stairways, and elevated planking – Call us about your Cut, Form, Shape and Welding needs!